Instagram Marketing Strategies to Up the Ante

For many businesses, Instagram is a bit of mystery, as they feel one has to be a celebrity to be popular on this social media platform. While this is true to a certain extent, businesses can use Instagram to build an online presence to connect and engage with their target audience.

Here are a few Instagram marketing strategies that will get you going:

Create Business Profile

Create an Instagram Business Account to get benefits. Followers will be able to click the contact button to get in touch with you and you will also be able to create and publish Instagram ads.

It is prudent to use your company’s name for SEO purposes and create a bio that is precise and to-the-point. Always keep it up-to-date. Publish your head shot so that your followers know the person behind the company. While in other social media platforms it is okay to use the company logo, in Instagram it is best to avoid the logo altogether.

Optimize the Profile

Optimize your business profile. It can do wonders for the click-through rate and how people perceive your brand. Optimize your profile using the following best practices:

  • Include a link in your bio to your website
  • Use an app to take and edit photos that you are uploading
  • Give each photo a caption
  • Share product and motivational photos
  • You can feature customers
  • Photo size should be 612 x 612
  • Use filters to elevate the quality of the images
  • Add brand-specific hashtag to your profile
  • Include the physical location of your business
  • Make sure the content and images are consistent with your social media strategy

Use Hashtags in Your Content

Did you know that the more hashtags you use, the higher will be the engagement with your target audience? However, do not use more than 30 hashtags per post, but ensure that each post has at least one hashtag. Also, use brand-specific hashtag so that your visitors know it belongs to you. You can even use trending hashtags as long as they are relevant to your business. Also, don’t forget that hashtags should be alphanumeric.

Be Innovative with Your Content

The purpose of Instagram is to engage your audience, and the best way to do this is by asking questions to start an Instagram discussion. You can also hold polls using hashtags to your audience’s opinion while contests and challenges spur connection and engagement. There is nothing wrong in asking your satisfied customers to tag and mention you, and encourage your employees to create their Instagram profiles and follow you.

Mentions Can Do the Trick

Use @Mentions as your followers will be notified of it. It is perfectly okay to Mention your customers; and don’t forget to use Mentions in captions and comments. If your staff is on Instagram, Mention them.

Mentions are an excellent way to engage your audience and show your appreciation. It also helps to further your brand and works to enhance brand recognition. These are some Instagram marketing strategies that you can employ to get results from having a presence on this innovative social media platform.

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